postheadericon Appel om stop for sandblæsning af jeans

Den internationale Clean Clothes Campaign appellerer til alle jeans producenter, forhandlere og designere om at stoppe brugen af sandblæsning i jeansproduktionen. Læs appellen og klik her for at gå til Clean Clothes Campaigns hjemmeside og underskrive appellen.

Appeal to end sandblasting in denim production worldwide

Sandblasting has become increasingly popular in denim production over the last twenty years and is being used in different production countries worldwide as a finishing method when treating denim. In order to follow the latest fashion trends and maximize the profits, companies and factory owners have put workers –knowingly or unknowingly- at deadly risks by using sandblasting techniques that are unsafe.

Medical reports from Turkey show that sandblasting-operators can develop an acute form of silicosis, a non-curable and potentially fatal lung disease, in only 6-24 month of work. Workers in the sandblasting sector are often young, migrants, and engaged in the informal economy. They belong to the most vulnerable group of workers. Besides serious health problems, they also face the lack of support and compensation for the financial extra burden that was caused due to the illness.

Clean Clothes Campaign call to globally end the use of sandblasting in the denim production. We call upon:

  • Brands to immediately stop the use of sandblasting throughout their supply chains. To that end, we demand that companies announce publicly that they ban sandblasting in their supply chain. We demand that they make sure that this ban is enforced by using adequate monitoring processes in co-operation with local/factory-based trade unions and NGOs. In addition, we demand that brands take the responsibility to ensure that workers in their supply chains that have already been affected by silicosis receive adequate compensation, and to also ensure compensation for workers and their families for the financial extra burden that was caused due to the illness (e.g. inability to work) as well as to provide them with the necessary financial support for the medical treatments. We also demand brands to preventively perform risk assessments when new production methods are introduced.
  • The national governments to not allow sandblasting in the denim production. We demand from them to make sure that the ban for manual sandblasting and generally the occupational health and safety rules to improve the working conditions are being enforced. In addition, we ask that the workers already affected by silicosis get support, social and medical assistance and disability pensions from the State, regardless if they worked in the formal or informal sector.
  • The ILO and WHO to include the denim-production chains as part of their global programmes to eradicate silicosis (1).
  • The Multi-Stakeholder-Initiatives and Business-Initiatives dealing with labour standards in the garment industry to use their influence to move their members to ban sandblasting throughout their supply chains
  • The consumers to only buy jeans that are sandblast-free.
  • Designers to stop proposing fashion trends that lead to the application of unsafe and potentially fatal techniques like sandblasting in the denim production.
  • Fashion trends may no longer cause illness and death of workers in the garment production. Commit to work towards the global end of the use of sandblasting in the denim production.

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(1) The ILO/WHO Joint Committee on Occupational Health launched in 1995 a Global Programme on the Elimination of Silicosis from the world by 2030. The objective of this Task Force is to further develop and implement this programme, to encourage every country to develop its own national silicosis elimination programme, and to provide a knowledge base for countries that wish to launch a national programme.